Director: Thomas Kelly

Magnetico Mascara

Director: Thomas Kelly


Director: Thomas Kelly

What Drives You – Johnny’s BOD Throw

AIB Internet Rockstar

Volkswagen Stings

Two of a series of stings Stu made for Owens DDB with Volkswagen. This was Stu’s second batch of Volkswagen stings for Rabodirect’s RTÉ Rugby Sponsorship, having made a series of similar stings in 2011. These were shot on location in Old Belvedere RFC by Richard Kendrick using the RED EPIC MX.

RBS ‘Spend Weekends Better’

Directed by: Jim Hayton

2 X 20 sec TV spots

C4 Ballot Monkeys Political Balance

Directed by: Jim Hayton

C4 Re-United Kingdom Brit Stick

Directed by: Jim Hayton


WHYTE &MCKAY ‘Blue Velvet’

SWISS REIMAGINED ‘The Ascent of Time’


Another chance to go totally lo-fi. Everything shot in camera. Shot in studio in the wickedly wonderful Budapest. Voted the 18th scariest moment ever on Channel 4 three years running, this commercial was a game changer for me- winning a toilet-load of International awards. 

Director: Enda McCallion


The idea was to time travel back to 1942. Shot in Northern California and I swear it felt like civil war times. Landing an airplane on a street was ludicrous and fun.

Director: Enda McCallion


A rich boys golfing oasis where the director was refused entry because of his tattoos. I eventually got in to immediately encounter a family of stray alligators roaming out of the Florida swamps. Agency producer chased down the 18th fairway by Mummy alligator. She survived.

Director: Enda McCallion

SuperValu Easter

An Easter feast. Shooting table top food comes second nature to Ken Byrne. He makes it look easy. To capture produce looking it’s very best, Ken is your man. Produced for TBWA, Creatives: Al Byrne and Eva Redmond, agency producers Onagh Caralon and Sarah Collins, DOP Janes Mater, stylist, Ann Marie Tobin and exec Producer Aidan Sheeran.

Director: Ken Byrne

Wild Atlantic Way

This was the ultimate busman’s holiday. Eight days traveling along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way. Stunning landscapes shot by Ken Byrne with in camera filters, makes this one very special indeed. It’s enough to make you proud to be Irish. Directed by Ken Byrne, creatives Mick Loftus and Paudge Donaghy, agency producer Dave Brady, DOP Cathal Watters and produced by Aidan Sheeran.

Director: Ken Byrne


Ken nails the essence of this drinks product with stunning bar and drinks shots combined with a hot club atmosphere. Utilising lazers and a green lighting theme, Friday night out never looked so good.

Director: Ken Byrne

KBC Café

One of three commercials for KBC bank. Our love struck hero fantasises about the girl of his dreams. The subtle grimaces and facial expressions are captured beautifully by Dave Caffrey.

Director David Caffrey

Peaky Blinders

Dave Caffrey directed Series 5 of Peaky Blinders. A brilliant drama director, Dave brings out the best performances from both talent and crew. He delivers time and time again.

Director: David Caffrey